Javier Prieto has been a consultant, executive and personal coach for directors, middle managers and companies such as Mapfre, Puertos del Estado, Junta de Castilla y León, Verti, Prosegur, Central Lechera Asturiana, Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), and others.

He has been a lecturer, teacher and speaker in courses, seminars, master classes, conferences and events such as:

· TED (Asturias, Spain).
· Jiaotong University (2019, China)

· Spanish / Chinese Congress. 2019

· Online Sales Congress. Zamora 2019.

· International Mentor and Partner of AMCES, Spanish Association for Entrepreneurship, Startup and Social Economy Mentoring and Consulting (May 2017, Madrid)
· Training Days on Personal Brand and Entrepreneurship in the Association of Spanish Soccer Players – AFE (April 2014, Madrid)
· Managerial coaching for entrepreneurs (February 2014, Bilbao)
· Management, Negotiation and Leadership Seminar at the Gómez Pardo Foundation (January 2014, Madrid)
· Management coaching to a multinational in the real estate sector (January 2014, Madrid)
· Entrepreneurship and Engineering at the University of Oviedo (December 2013, Oviedo)
· International SmartMile Congress (December 2013, Gijón)
· Conference in the National Assembly of Security companies (December 2013, Madrid)
· Monetization, Social Media and New Marketing Trends at the University of Cantabria (July 2013, Santander)
· Training sessions for middle managers and delegation managers (July 2013, Madrid)
· National Communication Forum of State Ports (July 2013, Bilbao)
Communicating in a digital society: Strategies, people and tools (July 2013, Bilbao)
· Creators and entrepreneurs around the world (June 2013, Madrid)
· Coaching for employees in the real estate sector (June 2013, Asturias)
· Conference on new trends in the home insurance and assistance sector (May 2013, Madrid)
· Commercial Coaching Sessions (April 2013, Oviedo)
· Leading the Transformation, Quality Club Directors Meeting (February 2013, Asturias)
· New trends (Marketing, Internet) in the Pharmaceutical sector (February 2013, Oviedo)
· Businesses are written in Chinese (February 2013, Oviedo)
· New Ways to Sell: Innovation and Neuromarketing (January 2013, Zamora)
· Master in Social Media Management of the Gijón Chamber of Commerce (various editions, Gijón)
· Conference on Social Networks in Asturias in the Environment of Health and eHealth (November 2012, Gijón)
· Commercial Coaching Congress (September 2012, Barcelona)
· National Marketing Meeting (July 2012, Gijón)
· Management coaching sessions for an insurance company (July 2012, Madrid)
· CECAP National Assembly (June 2012, Oviedo)
· V edition of the Asturias Marketing Awards and the IX National Marketing Meeting (June 2012, Gijón)
· Master in Digital Business (May 2012, Valladolid)
· Realtors who jump with Red (May 2012, Gijón)
· Training plan for 17 company headquarters in the insurance sector MAPFRE (May 2012, Madrid, Valladolid, Bilbao, Logroño, Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, …)
· New Business Models for Music (February 2012, Madrid)
· Masterclass Posicionate CTIC (January 2012, Gijón)
· Marketing Masterclass (January 2012, Madrid)
· Masterclass for EstinCoaching project of the University of Oviedo (December 2011, Oviedo)
· Conference on Technological Surveillance at the Innovation Club (November 2011, Gijón)
· Addicts Congress Social Media (October 2011, Alicante)
· Microponence at the Internet Meeting Point Forum (September 2011, Gijón)
· Table moderation and colloquium in León 2.0 (July 2011, León)
· Social Media Congress (July 2011, Madrid)
· New scenarios of brand and digital identity (June 2011, Valladolid)
· Conference on entrepreneurs in (March 2011, Oviedo)
· MBA Digital Business at FENA (February 2011, Oviedo)
· Creativity Workshop (November 2009, Alicante)