Javier Prieto boasts over a decade of extensive experience in translating across various language pairs, including:

· English to Spanish

· Simplified Mandarin Chinese to Spanish

Moreover, he leads a diverse team of skilled translators spanning multiple countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Thailand, China, Japan, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Korea. Javier collaborates closely with this global network to execute translations in a wide range of language pairs.

His recent collaborations encompass web translation projects, literary works, catalog translations, business documents, and a myriad of other projects. His professional expertise enables him to deliver translations in a neutral Spanish, ensuring accessibility for readers in Spain (Castilian) as well as Spanish speakers from diverse regions such as Latin America

In addition to translation, Javier has successfully completed numerous subtitling, localization, and various other language-related projects. Some of his most recent endeavors include:

Wisteria from Seed, by Jeremy Cantor. Poetry book. English to Spanish. Also translated his personal webpage.

One Heart, Many Breaks, by Sandeep Kumar Mishra. Multi awarded poetry book. English to Spanish.

For the Love of Soil, by Nicole Masters. English to Spanish.

Florian the Fly, by Petra Szmykowski-Britton. English to Spanish.

Future Minded: Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Workplace, by Zaimah Khan.

The art of lamination, by Jimmy Griffin